Kate Fulton

We need leadership that is qualified, skilled and transparent. We need those who are not doing it for themselves, but for their community. I am ready to serve Rockville!

Kate Fulton

The skills and experience that Rockville needs.

Kate knows how to make government work for the people.  For nearly two decades, she has proven success as a:

  •  Policy-maker – creating positive outcomes to meet the needs of people now and for the future
  • Operations leader – balancing budgets, judiciously allocating funds, ensuring continuity of core public services, and executing long-term strategy
  • Lawyer – developing and enforcing policies that enable progress while ensuring equal opportunity, access, and equity
  • Two-way communicator – ensuring information is clear, digestible, and accessible to all, and that all people’s contributions are heard and incorporated

The commitment and values that Rockville deserves

Civic Engagement is a
Fulton Family Affair! For the past 13 years, the Fulton family calendar has been filled with service projects, community meetings, charity events, civic activities, and more. Our community spirit is unrivaled!

Fundraising For a Cause in RTC!


Scouting in the Memorial Day Parade


Advocating for Inclusion at City Hall


Building Coalitions to Protect our Neighborhoods

Would you like to become one of our donors?

Would you like to become one of our donors?

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